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Application for AniDimensional Employment at ChronoPoint

In order to be admitted to this branch office of AniDimensional, you must complete this application. Fields that are mandatory are denoted with a *. Since you will need to e-mail this to me (my address is, just copy and paste this application to an e-mail, and fill it out. Good luck!

*Character's Name:

*Character's Age:

*Character's Height and Weight:

Your Name:

*Your Age:

*Character's Physical Appearance:



*Weaknesses (NOTE: Your character must have at least two weaknesses):

*Weapons (Character may have up to FIVE weapons):

*Spells/Special Powers/Attacks/Manuevers:

(NOTE: Character may have up to 25 spells/special powers/attacks/maneuvers. Please list them, and give a brief (two sentences) description.)


*Signature Move (Every Character may have one signature move. This is a move a character can call their own, an ability that is as unique as he or she is):


*Ultimate Move (Every character may have one Ultimate move. This is a move that is a last resort, a do-or-die manuever. After using this move, your character will be significantly drained.)


Vehicle (Character may have up to two vehicles. Please describe each.):




Thank you for applying! Remember, send this application to! You should receive a reply within the next couple of days. If you don't recieve a reply within one week, please re-send your application. (Since that is a possibility, I would advise you to save this application on your hard drive.)