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ChronoPoint: Gate to the Continuum

Since you're considering working here, you might as well find out what the place is like. Welcome to ChronoPoint, the Gate to the Continuum. What Continuum you ask? Why the Time Continuum! The dimension that connects all other dimensions and times. It's a lot like space, except one can survive in it without a special suit, and it consists of a purple and blue haze, instead of eternal blackness. Also, timelines wrap their way through the Continuum. Each timeline is a seperate dimension, and once in a timeline, you can access any age of that dimension.

Now that the Continuum's been explained, I should talk about ChronoPoint, ne? ChronoPoint was founded by AniDimensional to act as a "jumping-off" point for inter-dimensional missions. While AniDimensional Headquarters has had the ability to send teams to other dimensions and times with ease since its founding, the Headquarters are not built for that express purpose. ChronoPoint was founded for that purpose, and can ferry AniDimensional's vast workforce across the Time Continuum.

Of course, President Tseng knew that having a station in the Time Continuum would have more uses than just a "timeport." ChronoPoint also acts as a meeting place for emissaries who want to discuss or business who want to do business with AniDimensional. AniDimensional is not the only multi-dimensional organization out there you know.

So, now's your chance to jump on board and join up with AniDimensional at ChronoPoint. While ChronoPoint is a seperate office, we are still under AniDimensional's jurisdiction and control. Therefore, I would advise you to read the Mission Statement. (There's a link on the Main Page.) It will take you a page on AniDimensional's main website, and you can hear the company's purpose in President Tseng's own words.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at Also, be sure to check out the application form. There's a link on the Main Page for that as well.