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Welcome To ChronoPoint

(A Branch Office of AniDimensional, Inc.)

Welcome to ChronoPoint, AniDimensional's port to the Time Continuum. We are currently accepting applications, so just click on the link marked "Application" to get an... APPLICATION! Thanks and good luck!

Hey everyone! As the little marquee above says, WELCOME TO ChronoPoint! As you can tell from the webpage, our branch office is just starting up. Hopefully we won't crash and burn like those internet start-ups. (That's my poor attempt at a joke.) I'm sure this RPG will do well though, especially because we have AniDimensional backing us. So just browse the web page, grab and application, and hang on for the wildest RPG ride in the whole Time Continuum!


DESCRIPTION<-- Click here to find out about ChronoPoint

MISSION STATEMENT <-- Purpose of AniDimensional and its Branch Offices.

EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK <-- Read this before joining the RPG. It contains important rules!

PAYROLL <-- List of RPG Characters

MESSAGE BOARD <-- Link to the ChronoPoint Message Board. Currently closed until we have at least 3 members.

APPLICATION <--The all-important application. Just copy, paste, fill out, and send to me.


APOLOGY!!! Yeah, yeah, I know the webpage isn't much to look at. Right now, its serving a function over form purpose. Right now I'm worried about getting members. Once I have a few, then I'll spruce up the page. After all, isn't the RPG the reason you're here in the first place?

QUESTIONS and COMMENTS: Please send to