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Rolando Varneka

-----Requesting Garden Database... SeeD Personel Files... Files Found... Files Opened...

Name: Rolando Varenka

Age: 17

Weapon: A martial artist/mentallic. Rolando has masterful skill of the martial arts, in addition to having the powers of telepathy and telekinetics. This is the ability to speak into and hear another's mind, and being able to move objects with one's mind. Rolando's Limit Break is the MindStrike. It combines his martial arts abilities with his mental ones for devastating attacks.

Guardian Force: Quezacoatl. Rolando has mild magic ability. He is able to cast spells up to the -ara level, however, this is because that's all he's beene exposed to.

Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes. Approximately 5'8". One distinguishing factor is that his hair juts out over his left eye. While his stature doesn't look imposing, several have commented his eyes seem to stare past you, and "into your soul, as if he's seeing your inner self."

Background: Rolando was born to the Varneka family that lived in the poor sector of Deling City. His family talked to their friend Cid about getting Rolando into Garden. Cid gave them an extremely discounted rate, and allowed Rolando to enter Garden. His parents died from exposure during a cold winter less than a year later. While grateful to Cid, Rolando doesn't feel the need to pay back any debt. He's not in SeeD for the honor, glory, or experience. He does it all for the money. If SeeD didn't offer such a big paycheck, he'd probably offer his abilities to someone else. Not recommended for very important missions.

Personality: Rolando tends to keep to himself. In order to justify that he was worth keeping at Garden, Rolando had to plunge into his studies like crazy. He also seems to be thinking and calculating, looking for the best way to work a situation to his favor, and his favor alone. While he will work for the grop if he has to, he tends to think only of himself in life-and-death situations.

Captured Images of Rolando Varneka:

((Yeah, I like Gundam. For some reason, the characters seem to match mine in physical appearance. Go fig.))