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OK Anime fans! This is the Rumors & News section, dedicated to bringing you news about Anime and anything to do with Anime! This section will showcase mostly the series that have sections here at Anything Anime, but also have some news that may be important, but have little to do with the series here. ALSO, the section will have news on RPG's, like Final Fantasy 8 and Breath of Fire 3. I am not sure yet if RPG's will have a home here at Anything Anime, but time will tell. Each article will have the date posted, a title, and an R or N denoting if the article contains news or rumors. Enjoy!

11/9/99-N-MOVIES - OK, this month of November, when its done, will have seen the release of not one, but TWO anime movies. Well... never mind. Pokemon doesn't count, so only one. On November 5th, a movie called Princess Mononoke was released in a little more than 20 theatres nation wide. It will be tested there, and then released nationwide if it does well. Princess Mononoke has been hailed as one of the most popular Japanese films of all time, and may be the seond-most expensive anime film put out by the country.

11/9/99-R-MOVIES - And now, the rumors. Entertainment giants are said to be watching the success of the two movies, Princess Mononoke and Pokemon. If the two movies do well, its been rumored that... 1) The Escaflowne series and up-coming movie will be dubbed for US television. 2) The Sailor Moon R movie will be dubbed, and if it does well, HBO might consider buying the rights and dubbing the S series. 3) The Evangelion movie, which actually has been said to be already in the dubbing workshop, will be released. It will use the same voice actors and actresses as the series. For more information on the Vision of Escaflowne, Sailor Moon S, and Neon Genesis Evangelion, visit the sections of Anything Anime dedicated to those series.

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