Welcome to the Sailor Moon page of my site. Its Japanese name is Bushido Senshi Sailor Moon, the English translation being The Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. As most of you know, it is one of the series that's been dubbed for TV in America. Well... kind of. Sailor Moon is actually made up of 5 series. Their names, in order of creation, are Sailor Moon (Original), Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon SuperS, and Sailor Moon Stars. Only the original series and the R series were dubbed for American viewing, and until last year, the R series went uncompleted. This section is dedicated to the later 3 series that were never dubbed. S, SuperS, and Stars. Each series has its own sub-section. Each sub-section includes a short little synopsis about a series, a gallary of pics, and why these series were never dubbed for release.

S Series

SuperS Series

Stars Series

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