Yay! OK, I have fulfilled two of my three objectives that I set five days ago! I've added banners to the main sections and the main page. I've also added the News & Rumors section. Also, you'll find the link section now has two links in it, for Adopt a Chibi Slayer, and Xellos for 2000!!! Both of these links are related to an anime series called Slayers. Since I have links from that series up, I will begin working on that section soon. In other news, my attempt to apply to Anime Turnpike hasn't been successful because the application form is down while they work on the site. Oh well. Enjoy everyone.



I'm on a ROLL! Due to my unprecedented amount of free time in the past few days, I have been able to put up two sections!! Today, I introduce the largest section in Anything Anime, because the series it is dedicated to is not one, but three different series. Announcing the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon section! I'm sure some of you are cheering like crazy, and others are wondering what the heck I'm thinking. So, I'd like to remind all of you that I am trying to cater to ALL anime fans! Enjoy. Coming up on the agenda for the site are the following: 1) I'm going to add the Rumors section next, because there are have been several good ones circulating that pertain to the series I have posted, and ones yet to be posted! 2) Improvement to the three current sections and main page of Anything Anime by adding counters, E-mail link, and possibly a message board. 3) Apply to Anime Turnpike to have my page linked among the rest of the great anime sites listed there!



Hello again anime fans! Sorry I haven't updated the page as often as I'd planned to over the past few weeks, but I had midterms and my instructors were leveling me with tests and crap. Add in Homecoming, and I just didn't have enough time. Anyway, working the past two nights with my free time, I finally got the Neon Genesis Evangelion section up. This is one great anime series, so I suggest you check out the section. Like the Escaflowne section, it has a gallery (a good one in my opinion) and a synopsis of the characters and of the story. Definately check this one out. I hope to have the Sailor Moon section up soon. More on that when the time comes. Enjoy!



WELCOME! to the grand opening of the soon-to-be-best site for anime, Anything Anime! Yes, this will certainly be a day to be marked off in the anals of anime history! Not that anyone will probably recognize it now, but this site has potential. Anyway, enough with the bad advertising. Here's some intro info. This site is for those who want to look into new anime, or discover for the first time what anime is about. In the coming weeks, I will be adding new sections, each dedicated to an anime series. Along with the grand opening of the main site, it is also the opening of Anything Anime's first section, The Vision of Escaflowne! YAY! :) I figured it would be best to start the page of with this series because its a great series, but not that well known. In the coming weeks, I will be adding sections dedicated to Neon Genesis Evangelion, the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Slayers, and Tenchi Muyo!. Also, I will hopefully be adding an Anime Music Lyrics section and a rumor section for rumors about anime. Also a lyrics section too. Well, enjoy yourself, and welcome to Anything Anime!

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