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Sailor Moon Stars

And now, for the third unreleased series, known as Sailor Moon Stars! This, in my opinion, is the best Sailor Moon series out there. And unfortunately, this one has the least chance of ever being released in the United States. This is for two reasons. One reason is because the Outer Scouts return, with Neptune and Uranus still in love. I myself have absolute no problem with it (I think its one of the better done love relationships on television), but the companies who dub it have to put up with the hyper-active parents. (Don't you love living in the country with the highest percentage of lawyers? :) America still kicks butt though) The second reason is that this series introduces three more Sailor Soldiers, except these ones are from another solar system far away. Introducing the Sailor Starlights! Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker, and Sailor Star Healer. They're actually a new boy band (that's right... boys...) that's become the newest sensation in Japan, called Three Lights. These new soldiers are guys in public, but when they have to fight the forces of the new enemy, they transform into the female Sailor Star Lights in scanty leather outfits. Now you know why this series will probably never be released here. This series is relatively new as far as anime goes, the subbing of the last episodes were just finished by some subbers over the summer. Oh, one more thing. A fourth character is introduced, named Chibi Chibi. She comes down from the sky on an umbrella one day. For a while, the scouts think Chibi Chibi may be another of Usagi's children from the future (One wonders what Neo-Queen Serenity does with her time) but Setsuna (Pluto) tells them she isn't. For more info, check the Small Preview below the gallery. WARNING though. Not only does the Small Preview have spoilers, but there is one pic that is a spoiler regarding one of Chibi Chibi's secrets. For this reason, the space where the thumbnail should be contains a link to the pic, that way nothing gets spoiled for those of you who want to find out for yourself. You can thank me later. Sorry if the gallery's small, but I haven't been able to find many Enternal Sailor Moon or Starlight pics. If you have any, please send me some! Use the E-mail link on the main page.




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A Small Preview of Stars

OK sportsfans, here's the Small Preview on Stars. The series actually has a prologue of about 8 episodes or so that ties in with the ending from SuperS. For this reason, that first section of Stars will not be discussed here in the Small Preview. The actual series starts off with Chibiusa leaving for the 30th century, and shortly thereafter, Mamoru leaving for America. He and Usagi share a romantic moment at the airport. As Usagi leaves, she notices a lot of girls surrounding three guys for some reason. She shrugs it off, and leaves. Meanwhile, Mamoru's plan high in the air, is suddenly hit by a blast of yellow light, and then nothing. So, we're left wondering what just happened, but that info is given at the end of the series. Usagi and her friends are now in High School, (can't believe that ditz passed the exam) and they're all happy. And as they celebrate and try to cheer Usagi up, they go to a park, where a new movie is being shot, and a new band called Three Lights is appearing that's the new craze in Japan. (One thing. As always, Mina's after the band so she can become an idol herself. But the surprise here is that Ami, quiet little Ami, is actually a huge fan of the Three Lights. She's the 9th member of the fan club, so she's one of the biggest fans. This gag continues throughout the series) That's when a new enemy appears, by the name of Galaxia. And her henchwomen are evil sailor soldiers. The first one that shows up is Sailor Iron Mouse. Galaxia is after the True Star Seeds so she can rule the Galaxy, and the last ones remain on Earth. And after a Star Seed is taken (True or False) the victim changes into a Phage, a sailor monster. As Sailor Moon battles the first phase, the Sailor Starlights make the scene, warriors who's attacks are even more powerful than those of the Outer Scouts. As usual, this continues for some time, with sub plots for each episode. Eventually, Chibi Chibi appears, and a lot of comic relief revolves around her character. Some romantic turmoil is also in this series. Usagi, who hasn't heard from Mamoru at all (gee, I wonder why...) is now being hit on by a member of Three Lights, Seiyu aka Sailor Star Fighter. (For the best episode of the series, check out the one where Seiyu stays at Usagi's house for a night to protect her from burgalurs. At one point, the enemy attacks, and you have the Inner, Outer, and Starlight soldiers all in the dining room, along with the enemy) Well, that's about all I'm going to blab. I highly reccomend this series because its the best series I've seen from Sailor Moon, and its actually quite good. Not the best anime series, but definately better than decent.