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The SuperS Series

The SuperS series is the second unreleased Sailor Moon series. This series is more like the American versions of Sailor Moon, in that it tends to be a bit more cute. The Outer Scouts are not in this series, so the only characters are Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Chibimoon. Because of this, the gallery down below not only has photos from the SS series, but also miscellaneous images of all the Inner Scouts for your personal enjoyment. The series revolves mostly around Chibiusa/Chibimoon, and her relationship with a Pegasus that appears in her dreams every night. For more info, check the preview below. But be warned, it does contain some spoliers. The farther down you go, the more into the series you go, so watch it. :) Oh, and btw, the reason this series will probably not be dubbed is that it requries some prior knoweldge of the S Series. And since the S series will probably never be dubbed, neither will the SuperS series.



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A Small Preview of the SuperS Series

Ok, here's the Small Preview of the SuperS Series. The story starts off with Usagi and her friends watching an ecllipse that the entire city of Tokyo has turned out for. As the ecllipse occurs, a strange circus appears in town, full of strange monsters. An old lady runs the circus, and she is after a mystical winged horse known as Pegasus. The horse resides in people's dreams, and its to Chibiusa's dreams the horse turns. The old sends out three people called Tiger Eye, Hawk Eye, and Fish Eye. All of them are horny, but the main guy, Tiger Eye, is horny to the extreme. Their mission is to capture people and look into their Dream Mirror to see if Pegasus is in there. This involves pinning them up against a board of some sort and hitting them with a blast of energy, and a mirror comes out. The trio then go after all the people they consider hot, and of course, Sailor Moon and the Scouts have to save them. The Pegasus, during the first battle, appears when the scouts are in trouble and bestows upon Sailor Moon and Chibimoon new power. They can now change into Super Sailor Moon and Super Chibimoon. Sailor Moon used to be able to turn into this form using the Sacred Cup in the S Series. Check in the above gallery for some pics. Eventually, the woman of the trio (Fish Eye) gets the hots for Mamoru, and goes after him. In the ensuing next few epsides, Usagi wins the battle hands down, and uses her charm to win the trio over to her side, but only after they try looking into Usagi's dream mirror. Some new enemies show up now, a group of 5 girls known as the Amazon Girls. They use billiard balls to get the Dream Mirrors. I won't spoil the rest for all of you that might be interested in getting the episodes for this series. I will say though, that out of the three series that weren't released in the US, this is my least favorite. Its childish, and if you want a romantics, I advise the S series (or if you want something closer to home, the R Series) However, the ending of SuperS ties in closely with the beginning of Stars, so you might want to watch it for that, but you don't need to.